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Your Secret World Awaits

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This is a space for a woman to surrender to her alternative mind and the ones controlling it for a new, sophisticated experience in Hypnosis, Fetish Roleplay, Brainwashing, Conditioning, and Erotica.


Enjoy our Erotic Scripts  and Audios, and explore the space we provide to surrender yourself in mind and body. A place to safely surrender and experience our exclusive hypnosis fetish and erotic hypnosis. Be dominated and let your erotic mind be enslaved with our femdom hypnosis.

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Experience More

Immerse yourself and experience a world you don't want to leave. Your Secret World Awaits. Experience a new world with our exclusive hypnosis fetish and erotic hypnosis today.

Create your own Fantasy

You know you need want to go even deeper.  Request a customized audio from Krystine, and let your mind be enslaved by your fantasy.   A custom audio price is $80.00.  

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Experience Erotic Hypnosis for Women

Come back for more. Much more.

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