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Russian Spy - Part 2

Part Two - The Dungeon

Well, here it is – are you sure you’re ready for this?

Good… This will be fun. And remember, you know you can trust me.

Come over here, to the wall, so I can cuff you. There – nice and snug.

Now you’re my prisoner.

Don’t worry, dear. I’ll make sure you’re back at the State Department on Monday. In the meantime relax so you can enjoy it.

It’s just role play.

I like your underwear, by the way... Sexy without being too revealing.

Yes, very sexy... Your breasts look really nice.

I’m going to touch them now – because that’s what you want...

Ooh... nice and firm.

Come on dear; play along. I mean, doesn’t it feel great to be this helpless?

You really do need to loosen up a little bit - I mean you’re the one they kept telling me that she wanted to try this.

That’s good...I really enjoy touching you. But, I’m still sensing some resistance.

We can’t have any more of that, can we.

Now listen carefully to me...

“Svetlana wants you to sleep”

That’s good - deep, deep sleep. No need to fight me anymore...

I’m going to explore your body some more now. Very nice...

Doesn’t that feel good? Especially when I put my hand inside your panties.

You don’t want me to stop now, do you? I didn’t think so.

One finger… Feels so good...starting to give in to me completely.

Now two… wanting only to relax and enjoy…

So helpless now… Under my control… but feeling wonderful…

Poor thing - so close now...wanting me to continue…

So close to getting the release that you need...

But... I have something else in mind for you.

Something very important.

And after you do this one thing for me...I’ll pleasure you even more.

I’m going to set my color wheel in front of you.

Now listen carefully to I turn it on.

Open your eyes now dear. I need your complete attention.

I want you to watch the color wheel, as it spins before you.

There... isn’t it pretty, all the different colors, spinning…and spinning...

Keep looking at it – knowing that you can trust me...

The wheel is spinning and spinning... So relaxing… Nothing else to do right now but just watch.

Listening only to the sound of my voice.

The color wheel draws you in – it is your entire world now…

You can’t even remember your own name; even if you tried.

That’s okay… Keep watching it… It will help you to remember… Good…

The Color wheel keeps spinning...hypnotizing you even deeper - conditioning your mind to trust me, and to obey - almost there now - keep staring at it.

Let it help you remember everything - everything that I tell you.

Now listen carefully to me.

“Svetlana wants you to sleep”

Deep... deep sleep. Very good.

I want you well rested, dear, because I’m going to keep you here all weekend.

And when you return to work on Monday, I have some things that I need you to do.

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