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The Stripper

Your husband tells me you don’t like these kinds of places.

That’s okay, but he did buy you a private dance. Why not just finish your drink and enjoy it?

There you go.

Before you know, it’ll all be over.

You like my little outfit? You can almost see right through it.

It’s kinda naughty, but people like it.

I’m going to start now, so try and loosen up – you seem uptight.

Why don’t you sit there quietly and enjoy the show, and maybe you’ll get into it after a while.

Look at my body...

Just watch as it goes back and forth, back and forth, good.

You have my permission to stare. That’s it - nothing else to do right now but just relax.

Nobody else here, just you and me.

Watch my body, that’s it. Back and forth, back and forth.

That’s it...good. you’re starting to unwind now.

Your husband tells me you think that women should take control of their lives. Well trust me honey... I am in control.

Because right now, you can’t take your eyes off my body. You keep trying to look away, but you can’t.

You know you can’t.

Keep staring at it...good. You’re beginning to get very, very sleepy. But I know you want to stay awake, so you don’t miss anything. Don’t worry, you won’t. I won’t let you.

That’s good, just keep watching, watching as I rub my hands over my breasts. Your eyes are glued to them, so close you can almost touch them.

Nothing else in the world matters right now, except me.

You need to listen to my voice now, as I’m going to take you into a deep, deep hypnotic sleep.

And then you will know how much control I do have.

Keep looking at my body, as it sways back and forth – eyes getting so heavy now ... let your mind go blank.

There’s nobody else here, honey. Just you and me.

Yes, that’s it...keep watching......nothing to think about – except how much you’re enjoying the show.

Relax, it’s just you and me, you and me. And you know you can trust me completely.

You have such beautiful eyes, so pretty, but so heavy… so very, very heavy...

I am your world now.

Nothing else matters, and you will listen only to me. You want to sleep now, so tired. You can’t fight it any longer.

Your eyes are so very heavy, and my voice is taking you deeper into trance. Putting you into a deep, deep sleep.

That’s it, close your eyes now. Good...very good.

Listen carefully, because I have something very special planned for you, to show you that I am in complete control.

Later on, I’m going to let you go out on the stage, and put on a show for all those people.

But first... you’re going to give me a private dance, right here, right now.

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