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Upstairs Neighbor – Part One

I’m glad you finally accepted my invitation for a drink.

Look, like I told you, I’m old enough to be your father so don’t worry about me hitting on you. I just thought we could become friends.

Go ahead and sit on the couch.

Here, have some wine. This stuff is really good.

You know, I hear you and your roommates upstairs all the time, giggling and singing like school girls.

Which I guess you are, since you’re all nursing students.

Hey, let me show you something that I just bought.

It’s a medallion; I got it from an antique store.

The lady there was a little off the charts – she kept trying to convince me that it had magical powers – that I could even use it to hypnotize women.

Of course, she also said she was a witch, so go figure.

But it is a nice medallion, don’t you think?

Why don’t you just enjoy your wine… While I show you why I think it’s so special.

Watch when I swing it back and forth, how it catches the light. Pretty cool ha?

That’s it, just sit back and look at the pretty medallion as it sways back and forth.

Back and forth… So relaxing… Back and forth...

You have very pretty eyes, you know that? And right now, I don’t want to take them off of this medallion, do you understand?

Just be a good girl and sit quietly as I spin it now.

Yes… So very relaxing… Just watch it as it continues to reflect the light.

There’s nothing else to do right now… You feel safe here, because you know you can trust me. I just want us to be very good friends.

Yes that’s it, your eyes are glued to the medallion as it swings back and forth.

Getting heavier, and heavier. Listening only to the sound of my voice.

Hand me your drink now, so you can focus all your attention on the medallion.

Good girl.

The medallion is your world… Unable to look away or think about anything else. I think the lady at the antique store was right, because your mind seems to be going blank.

That’s okay, because you feel so good right now… So relaxed.

Keep watching it and listen only to the sound of my voice. Let my voice take you deeper and deeper down. You feel so good right now.

Your eyes want to close right now… So sleepy, so very sleeeepy.

You can’t fight it any longer… The medallion is putting you to sleep.

Your eyes are closed now, and you will not open them until instructed to do so.

Do you understand? Good...

You’re such a sweet girl, and you trust me completely.

So I know you’ll want to do everything I tell you now.

Listen carefully as I give you your instructions.

I saw one of your roommates run upstairs earlier today.

I want you to go up there and bring her back down here. We can have some fun with her.

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