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Upstairs Neighbor - Part Two

I appreciate you coming down - guess your roommate here doesn’t trust me to hypnotize her while we are alone. Can’t say I blame her, since she would be in a strange man’s apartment.

She said you told her that only someone weak-willed like her could even be hypnotized.

Well, you’re probably right. Anyway, both of you can go ahead and sit down on the couch.

Here’s some wine for the subject. it’s really good and will help her to relax and follow my suggestions.

Oh, and you can have some to. - thanks again for helping out.

Time to begin.

I’m going to use this medallion to put you under. It shouldn’t take too long and when you’re under you’ll feel really relaxed. And then I’ll wake you up, that’s all there is to it.

Okay, I want you look at the medallion now and watch it as I swing it back and forth. That’s good.

Just keep looking as it goes back and forth… Back and forth… Nothing else to do right now, just sit quietly and listen to the sound of my voice.

I’m going to take your wineglass now. Not going to need this any longer – because when I’m finished you’re going to feel extremely relaxed.

That’s good… Eyes getting heavy now… Very heavy.

Wanting to feel good… Wanting to be mesmerized.

Keep looking at the medallion as I swing it in front of your eyes.

I noticed that your friend... is also becoming very relaxed. So I am going to take her wineglass from her also. That’s good… I’ll give this to you later… When I’m finished.

You do seem very strong willed, much more than your trusting roommate here. I could tell that you would be more of a challenge the first time I met you...

But right now, you seem almost entranced by the medallion.

I want both of you girls to just keep looking at the medallion. Watch as I spin it ... That’s good… Spinning… Unable to look away... spinning more and more.

Taking your minds with it... Helpless to resist.

Both of you are becoming mesmerized. And it feels so good...

Taking you deeper and deeper. And you find that the deeper you go the better you feel.

Spinning... Round and around… Unable to look away…. Hearing only the sound of my voice as I take you further down into a deep, hypnotic sleep.

Eyes so heavy now… Unable to fight it any longer… Wanting to obey.

Spinning… Round and around… Round and around.

So tired… you can’t fight it any longer.

Sleep for me now… close your eyes and go to sleep. That’s good…

Now I want both of you to just sit here, very relaxed, and think about how good you feel.

While you do that, I’m going to call your other roommate.

I think she will be very pleased at what I’ve done for her.

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